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Forest Monk, Cambodia

Asia Trip 2004-2005

16 Months, from May 2004 - September 2005

We have been fascinated by Asia for many years: by the people, food, culture, languages and lifestyles. Taking a year off was a unique chance to go and discover it by ourselves!


Ready to Go! After months of planning, getting visas, plane tickets, train tickets, worrying about tropical and cold-weather gear, we finally got everything together. Who is going to pay our bills while we're gone? How about our taxes? Where are we planning to go, anyhow? Do we need to buy our guidebooks in advance? How many pairs of socks? Underwear? Do I really need that third pair of pants?

We sent some light gear for tropical climate ahead to Singapore. That left our heavy stuff for the Russia leg of the journey. How cold was it going to get in Siberia? We weren't taking any chances!