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Much as we liked Kutch, time was running out and we wanted to see Rajasthan. From Bhuj it was a two-day journey to Jodhpur, with a stop along the way to visit the sun temple in Modhera, in Northern Gujarat. This ancient sandstone temple is full of interesting stone carving, some erotic. Using a little imagination, some of the carvings could be rather X-rated, despite heavy erosion. The racy statues, however, didn't seem to stop hordes of schoolchildren from touring the site.

Water Palace Modena Sun Temple

Having heard so many bad stories about tourists being hassled in Rajasthan, we were prepared to fight off the touts and rickshaw-wallas everywhere we went. In reality we had no problems at all. Things were no worse than Indonesia, where we had learned to deal with pushy transport touts. We always paid a decent fare and we never had a rickshaw driver who insisted on visiting a carpet store.

Jaisalmer Cityscape
Last Thali