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Bombay traffic


December 2004 to January 2005

We were invited to a wedding in Bombay at the end of November.

Our previous experience with India had been our honeymoon in Ladakh followed by a two-day stopover in Delhi during full monsoon season. We found Bombay to be much more relaxed than Delhi. In the financial district where our hotel was located vendors sold delicious, fresh street food and wonderful juices. Our favorite was pomegranate juice. In his tiny stall lined with shelves of fresh fruit the “juicer” would select bright red pomegranates, then cut them in two and knock the seeds into a plastic bag with a metal spoon. Then the red, juicy seeds would be placed into an ancient metal juicer. When turned on, the white froth mixed with red juice would pour from the machine, through a sieve and right into the glass. Delicious!

Anne with a holy cow